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 A & I Supply   800-260-2647   www.ai-supply.com   Tools, equipment and supplies for woodworking and trades. 
 Accurate Woodworking Tools, LLC   920-589-4010   www.accuratewoodtools.com   The Accurate Guide is a router accessory for cutting dadoes or dovetail slots. 
 Accuride International, Inc.   562-903-0200   www.accuride.com   Precision drawer slides.  
 Adjustable Clamp Co.   312-666-0640   www.adjustableclamp.com   Jorgensen handscrews, Pony and Adjustable brand clamps. 
 Advanced Machinery   800-727-6553   www.advmachinery.com   Exclusive woodworking, scrolling, clamping and finishing specialty products. 
 Airware America   800-328-1792   www.airwareamerica.com   Health and safety products, including the Airshield visor with dust filtration. 
 Align-Rite Tool Co.   888-624-1942   www.alignritetool.com   Supplier of CNC routers and mills, 3D laser scanners, bevel edge systems and drill guides. 
 All Pro Tools   88-425-5776   www.allprotools.com   Brand-name power tools for woodworking and industrial applications. 
 Allred & Associates, Inc.   315-252-2559   www.wood-carver.com   Gemini Universal Carving Duplicator carves complex shapes that require only minor sanding. 
 Amana Tool Corp.   800-445-0077   www.amanatool.com   Full range of industrial-quality router and boring bits as well as saw and dado blades. 
 American Clamping Co.   00-828-1004   www.Jamesmorton.com   Bessey and American Clamping, largest clamp makers in the world. 
 American Saw & Mfg. Co.   800-628-3030   www.lenoxsaw.com   Sells Lenox band saw blades, sawing fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories. 
 Anton International, Inc.   707-431-2239   www.membranepress.biz   Mercury vacuum presses for wood veneering and bent laminations. 
 Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.   888-900-4857   www.hvip.com   TrueHVLPI turbine sprayers and air conversion spray guns. 
 Armor Crafts Woodworking Plans   800-292-8296   www.armorplans.com   Plans, hardware, clocks, etc. 
 Arrow Fastener Co. Inc.   201-843-6900   www.arrowfastener.com   Staplers, rivet tools, nail guns and hot-melt glue guns. 
 Ashman Technical Ltd.   800-668-5721   www.woodworktools.com   Ashman Technical sells precision woodworking tools and accessories on the web. 
 Avenger Products   702-293-7510   vwwv.avengerproducts.com   A leading producer of high quality circular saw blades, dado sets and digital calipers. 
 Aztec Steel Corp.   800-891-6733   www.steelspan.com   Easy-to-assemble, Quonset-style buildings. 
 Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin, Ltd.   800-252-2373   www.badgerwood.com   Domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods. 
 Bailey's   800-322-4539   www.baileys-online.com   Products for arborists, loggers, foresters,sawmillers and homeowners. 
 Baker Products   573-663-7711   www.baker-online.com   Several different models of resaws, portable sawmills and pallet manufacturing equipment. 
 Beall Tool Co.   800-331-4718   www.bealltool.com   Woodturning supplies including the Beall Wood Threader router fixture. 
 Bench Dog, Inc.   800-786-8902   www.benchdog.com   Manufactures router tables, inserts, hold-downs and other power tool accessories. 
 Berea HardWoods   877-736-5487   bereahardwoods.com   Writing instrument kits. 
 Biesemeyer Manufacturing   800-782-1831   www.biesemeyer.com   Offers a full line of table saw accessories including precision rip fences for most saw models. 
 Black & Decker Corp.   800-544-6986   www.blackanddecker.com   Global manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware and home improvement products. 
 Blue Tornado Cyclones   800-292-0157   bluetornadocyclones.com   Cyclone dust collection equipment is designed to remove 99.7% of airborne wood dust. 
 Blum Inc.   704-827-1345   www.blum.us   Drawer slide hardware, concealed hinges and organizers. 
 Bosch Tool Corp.   877-267-2499   www.boschtools.com   Manufactures woodworking power tools for professionals and hobbyist woodworkers. 
 Bosworth Tools   406-886-2500   www.bosworthtools.com   Tools, videos and plans for building your own log furniture. 
 BrandNew Industries, Inc.   800-964-8251   www.brandnew.net   Manufactures custom branding irons for woodworkers and industrial users since 1989. 
 Bristol Valley Hardwoods   800-724-0132   www.bristolvalley.com   Hardwoods, JET and Freud products. 
 Briwax Woodcare Products Range   800-274-9299   briwaxwoodcare.com   Briwax protects, restores and reconditions fine furniture. 
 BTI Supply   800-365-6677   www.beavertools.com   Windstorm" Pneumatic Air Router reduces user fatigue. 
 Burgess Edge   802-233-1489   www.burgessedge.com   Patented, matched pair of router bits for making seamless edgebanding in plywood. 
 Campbell Hausfeld   888-247-6937   www.chpower.com   Air compressors, tools, nailers; pressure washers; painting systems; and welders. 
 Carbide Processors, Inc.   800-346-8274   carbideprocessors.com   Leaders in cermet saw-tipped saw blades that outperform carbide tungsten. 
 Carter Products Co., Inc.   888-622-7837   www.carterproducts.com   Designs precision band saw guides, blade releases, CAD projection devices and more. 
 Central Boiler   800-248-4681   www.centralboiler.com   Supplies a line of high-efficiency outdoor wood furnaces. 
 Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co.   800-724-6438   www.cggschmidt.com   Sells router bits and saw blades, shaper knives, molder cutters, planers, routers and saws. 
 Cherry Tree Toys   800-848-4363   cherrytree-online.com   Patterns, parts and craft supplies. 
 Clayton Spindle Sanders   941-613-1017   www.cheyennesales.com   American-made spindle sanders in various sizes with Baldor motors and ground-steel tables. 
 CMT USA, Inc.   888-268-2487   www.cmtusa.com   Maker of top quality bits, saw blades and dado blades for over 30 years. 
 Colonial Saw, Inc.   781-585-4364   www.csaw.com   Makes grinding equipment used to sharpen blades, molder knives, router bits and shaper cutters. 
 Colonial Saw, Inc.   781-585-4364   www.csaw.com   Wood products and metalworking machinery.Home of the Lamello plate jointer. 
 Cooks Saw Mfg., LLC   800-473-4804   www.cookssaw.com   Quality portable sawmill. 
 Country Accents   570-478-4127   www.piercedtin.com   Hand-punched tin panels. 
 Craftsman Gallery   866-966-3728   www.thecraftsmangallery.com   Supplier of WoodRat joinery machines, plunge bars, router bits and other router accessories. 
 Craftsman Tools   800-549-4505   www.sears.com/craftsman   Distributes a broad line of portable electric and cordless professional woodworking tools. 
 Creative Woodcraft Plans, Ltd.   800-296-6256   www.woodcraftplans.com   General project plans for woodworking. 
 Cutting Edge, Inc.   800-790-7980   www.cuttingedgetools.com   Woodturning, carving, hand tools, chisels and sharpening supplies 
 Dakota Alert   605-356-2772   www.dakotaalert.com   Wireless alarm systems and equipment for home and agricultural use. 
 David Warren Direct   800-724-7758   www.ecemmerich.com   Supplier of E.C.E. wood planes and other cabinetmaker's tools. 
 Davis Instruments Corp.   510-732-9229   www.davisnet.com   Weather monitoring stations. Updates every 2'/h seconds. 
 De-Sta-Co Industries, Inc.   972-726-7300   www.destaco.com   A leader in the design and manufacture of manual toggle clamps and gripping devices. 
 Delmark Ltd.   248-669-2848   www.siegjig.com   The Sieg Jig is a compact, portable tool for hinging virtually any door. 
 Delmhorst Instrument Company   877-335-6467   www.delmhorst.com   Designs and makes moisture meters for woodworking and other industrial applications. 
 Delta Machinery Corp.   800-223-7278   wvvw.deltawoodworking.com   Complete line of quality woodworking machinery. 
 Denray Machine   800-766-8263   www.denray.com   Downdraft tables to control dust generated by sanding, routing and cutting. 
 Detroit Radiant Products   800-222-1100   www.reverberray.com   Specializing in gas-fired infrared heaters for indoor or outdoor applications. 
 DeVilbiss Air Power Company   888-992-4657   www.devilbiss.com   Spray guns, tanks, cups and finishing accessories. 
 DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.   800-433-9258   www.dewalt.com   More than 1,000 electric and cordless tools and accessories. 
 Diamond Machining Technology, Inc. (DMT)   800-666-4368   www.dmtsharp.com   Designs and manufactures diamond-impregnated and ceramic edge-sharpening tools. 
 Diefenbach Benches   800-322-3624   www.workbenches.com   Workbenches made of oiled European red beechwood. 
 Dispoz-A-Blade   800-557-8092   www.estausa.com   End your planer, jointer and molder knife-changing headaches with the Dispoz-A-Blade system. 
 DonJer Products Corp.   800-336-6537   www.donjer.com   Rayon and nylon flock fibers and spray-on suede for jewelry boxes, picture frames and more. 
 Dremel   800-437-3635   www.dremel.com   Dremel' rotary tools cut, sand, shape, drill, rout and more. 
 Drill Doctor   800-597-6170   www.drilldr.com   Restore worn drill bits. 
 Dynabrade, Inc.   800-828-7333   www.dynabrade.com   Tools for grinding, deburring. 
 E&R System Technik, Inc.   413-827-7600   www.ersystech.com   Cutting tools for your CNC machine or shaper from toolmaker BUP Utensili. 
 Eagle America   800-872-2511   www.eagleamerica.com   High quality American-made router bits, tools, accessories, plans and power tools. 
 Eagle Tools   323-999-2909   www.eagle-tools.com   Agazzani, EuroShop/Mini-Max, General, SCMI and Powermatic.  
 Ebac Industrial Products, Inc.   757-873-6800   www.ebacusa.com   Manufactures kiln-drying equipment. High-efficiency modern kilns. Models hold from 300 to 50,000 board feet. 
 Econ Abrasives   800-367-4101   www.econabrasives.com   Abrasives and specialized finishing products. 
 Elmer's Products, Inc.   800-848-9400   www.elmers.com   Glues and wood fillers. 
 Emerson Tool Co.   314-553-2000   emersontoolcompany.com   RIDGID power tools, including table and band saws, drill press, jointer and lathe. Plus wet/dry vacs. 
 Empire Mfg.   866-700-5823   www.empiremfg.com   Lubrication, rust prevention and pitch removal for tools, blades. 
 Engraving Arts   877-231-9973   www.engravingarts.com   Creates custom heavy and industrial-duty branding irons. 
 Epilog Laser   888-437-4564   www.epiloglaser.com   C02 laser engraving and cutting 
 Epoxyheads   866-376-9948   www.epoxyheads.com   Manufactures two-part epoxy products for bonding, sealing, filling and smoothing wood. 
 Eureka Specialty Wood Products   877-225-0521   www.eurekabusiness.com   Home-based woodworking business opportunities building outdoor furniture. 
 Exel Industrial   800-573-5554   www.ekremlin.com   Kremlin spray guns. 
 Fein Power Tools   800-441-9878   www.feinus.com   Precision power tools, noted for ergonomic design. 
 Felder USA   800-572-0061 (west)   www.felderusa.com   A world leader in the production of single-function and combination woodworking machines. 
 Festool USA   888-337-8600   www.festoolusa.com   Jigsaws, drills, routers, planers, vacuums; Systainer organizers. 
 Fisch Precision Tools   724-663-9072   fisch-woodworking.com   Comprehensive line of woodworking machines, tools, bits and more. 
 Flexaust Co.   800-343-0428   wvvw.flexaust.com   A manufacturer of flexible, lightweight hoses and ducts for all types of industrial applications. 
 Forrest Manufacturing Co.   800-733-7111   www.forrestblades.com   Full line of high quality saw blades and dado sets for most stationary and benchtop saws. 
 Franklin International   800-877-4583   franklininternational.com   Titebondp adhesives and the HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System. 
 Freeborn Tool Co., Inc.   800-523-8988   www.freeborntool.com   American-made tooling with superior geometry. 
 Freud, Inc.   800-334-4107   www.freudtools.com   Full line of router bits and saw blades, dado sets, portable power tools and accessories. 
 Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment, Ltd.   800-650-0930   www.fujispray.com   HVLP self-contained spray systems, turbine and hose. 
 Furniture Designs, Inc.   800-296-6256   furnituredesigns.com   Full-size furniture patterns to trace, cut and finish. 
 Garland Mfg.   207-283-3693   www.gariandmfg.com   Manufactures uhmw plastic profiles and custom machined parts, mallets and hammers. 
 General International Manufacturing Co. Lt   514-326-1161   www.general.ca   Designs, produces or imports a full line of stationary woodworking machinery. 
 General Tools Mfg. Co.   212-431-6100   www.generaltools.com   Specialty hand tools, including measuring and marking tools. 
 Gilmer Wood Co.   888-667-3979   www.gilmerwood.com   Lumber, carving blanks and nuts. 
 Gorilla Glue   800-966-3458   www.gorillaglue.com   Polyurethane-based wood glue. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, brick and more. 
 Great Lakes Carbide Tool Mfg., Inc.   800-873-4528   www.glct.com   Designs and manufactures production-run tooling and machine accessories. 
 Grizzly Industrial, Inc.   800-523-4777   www.grizzly.com   Direct sellers of woodworking machinery and accessories. 
 Gross Stabil Corp.   517-279-8040   www.grossstabil.com   Specializing in high quality clamps, casters, glides and bases for the furniture industry. 
 Haddon Tools   888-705-1911   www.haddontools.com   Chainsaw tools for woodworkers and log home builders. 
 Hartville Tool   800-345-2396   www.hartvilletool.com   Source for woodworking tools, accessories and finishing supplies. 
 Heartwood Lumber Co.   800-488-6111   heartwoodlumber.com   Supplier of high quality imported and domestic lumber. 
 Highland Hardware   800-241-6748   www.tools-for-woodworking.com   Full line of woodworking tools and supplies - from hardware to power tools. 
 Hitachi Power Tools   800-829-4752   www.hitachi-koki.com/powertools   Ccomplete line of heavy-duty woodworking tools. 
 Holbren Precision Cutting Tools   732-835-0093   www.holbren.com   Providing woodworkers quality router bits at affordable prices. 
 Home Depot   800-553-3199   www.homedepot.com   Home improvement retailer. 
 HUT Products   800-547-5461   www.hutproducts.com   Source for pen blanks, turning and finishing supplies. 
 Inca Corp.   310-808-0001   www.inca-tvlifts.com   Offers a complete line of TV lifts, pullouts and swivel systems. 
 Infinity Cutting Tools   877-872-2487   www.infinitytools.com   Premium router bits made in the U.S.A., plus woodworking tools and accessories. 
 Innovative Home Products   877-609-3571   innovativehomeproducts.com   Dsitributor of watches, clocks, weather stations and travel gear. 
 International Carbide & Engineering, Inc.   800-424-3311   www.ice-va.com   Designs and manufactures high-technology cutting tools and super-abrasives. 
 Jantz Supply   800-351-8900   www.jantzsupply.com   Knife-making and gunsmithing supplies, leather crafting and engraving tools. 
 Japan Woodworker   800-537-7820   www.thejapanwoodworker.com   Woodworking and garden tools and cutlery. 
 JDS Co.   800-480-7269   www.jdstools.com   JDS Air-Tech 2000 air filtration systems, the Multi-Router, and the Accu-Miter miter gauge. 
 Jefferson Tool, LLC   843-556-0455   www.nailextractor.com   Special pliers extract nails, staples from wood. 
 JessEm Tool Co.   866-272-7492   www.jessem.com   Router accessories: Rout-R-LiftTM and Mast-R-LiftTM series. 
 JET Equipment & Tools, Inc.   800-274-6848   www.jettools.com   An industry leader of woodworking machinery, accessories and more. 
 JN Equipment   800-338-1042   www.jnequipment.com   Pressure cleaners, generators and repair parts. 
 JoinTech, Inc.   800-619-1288   www.jointech.com   Bringing precision woodworking fences to router tables, table saws, drill presses and more. 
 Journeyman Tool Co.   920-485-0350   www journeymantool.com   BeadLOCKTm loose tenon joinery system for making mortise and tenon joints with a hand drill. 
 JWW Services, Inc.   888-598-3633   www.veneersupplies.com   Offers Vac Pro venturi units, veneer and other veneering supplies. 
 Keller Co.   800-995-2456   www.kellerdovetaii.com   Originators of the Keller dovetail jigs. Jigs come with standard dovetail and straight cutting carbide-tipped bits. 
 Kern Electronics and Lasers, Inc.   888-660-2755   www.kernlasers.com   Industrial production laser cutting and engraving systems. 
 Klingspor's Woodworking Shop   800-228-0000   www.woodworkingshop.com   Abrasives, tools and supplies. 
 Klockit   800-556-2548   www.kiockit.com   A full line of clock kits and parts, including movements, hands, dials and music movements. 
 Kufo Industries Corp.   888-558-4628   www.kufogroup.com   Full line of woodshop machines for the serious amateur and professional. 
 L. S. Starrett Co.   978-249-3551   www.starrett.com   Starrett, founded in 1880, manufactures over 5,000 variations of precision tools. 
 Laguna Tools   800-234-1976   www.lagunatools.com   Full line of home shop and industrial woodworking machinery and accessories. 
 Lee Valley Tools   800-267-8735   www.leevalley.com   Offers a full line of woodworking tools, accessories and supplies. 
 Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc.   616-698-7010   www.leitz.org   Manufactures carbide circular saw blades for machining wood, plastics and nonferrous metals. 
 Librawood   716-881-5661   www.librawood.com   Bits, blades, tools, tool car products and woodworking books and videos. 
 Lie-Nielsen Toolworks   800-327-2520   www.lie-nielsen.com   Makers of hand tools for woodworking including bench planes, hand saws and spokeshaves. 
 Linden Publishing, Inc.   800-345-4447   www.lindenpub.com   Books, plans, videos and more. 
 Lobo Machine Corp.   562-949-3747   www.lobomachine.com   Professional, top quality band saws, compressors, boring machines, saws, sanders,tenoners and more. 
 LRH Enterprises, Inc.   800-423-2544   www.lrhent.com   Supplies custom, made-to-order cutters and bits for woodworkers. Magnate 
 MacBeath Hardwood Co.   800-479-9907   www.macbeath.com   Hardwoods, plywood veneer. 
 MAFELL North America   888-736-3812   www.mafell.com   Timberframing tools.  
 Makita U.S.A., Inc.   800-462-5482   www.makitatools.com   Manufactures more than 320 power tools for woodworkers. 
 Manny's Woodworkers Place   800-243-0713   mannyswoodworkersplace.com   Sells heavy-duty pencil compasses plus many other measuring and marking tools. 
 MasterGage Corp.   888-893-8300   www.mastergage.com   Designs and sells tools for aligning, calibrating, tuning and troubleshooting woodworking tools. Accuracy is essential to good woodworking. 
 Max USA Corp.   800-223-4293   www.MaxUSACorp.com   Staplers, nailers and related products. 
 McCulloch Corp.   800-521-8559   www.mccullochpower.com   Corded and cordless tools, heat guns and rotary hobby tools. 
 McFeely's Square Drive Screws   800-443-7937   www.mcfeelys.com   Sells Festool tools, specialty screws and fasteners. 
 Miller Dowel Co.   866-966-3734   www.millerdowel.com   Tapered dowel joinery system 
 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.   800-729-3878   www.milwaukeetool.com   Corded and cordless tools for woodworking and trades. 
 Mini-Max   866-975-9663   www.minimax-usa.com   Full range of professional European constructed woodshop machines including the Centauro line of band saws. 
 MLCS   800-533-9298   mlcswoodworking.com   A complete resource for router users, offering a wide array of top quality bits and accessories. 
 Model Shipways   904-786-7615   www.historicships.com   Quality model ship kits since 1946. 
 Modified Square Co.   412-331-7802   www.modifiedsquare.com   Measure, mark and square in one step. Mark stair tread and rise. 
 Multi-Carver   864-299-1070   www.multicarver.com   Three-dimensional duplicators. Inventive design allows you to create signs, intricate carvings, gunstocks and more. 
 Murray Bros. Supply, Inc.   888-946-7819   woodkitsandplans.com   Wood kits and plans. 
 Newton Woods   559-277-8456   www.wainutwoods.net   Green stock; figured burls. 
 Niagara Lumber & Wood Products, Inc.   800-274-0397   www.niagaralumber.com   Hardwoods, moldings and laminates. 
 Norton Abrasives   800-551-4415   vvvvw.nortonabrasives.com   Coated woodworking abrasives. 
 Nyle Corp.   800-777-6953   www.nyle.com   Large manufacturer of green lumber dehumidification equipment and sponsor of kiln-drying educational seminars. 
 Oldham Saw   800-828-9000   www.oldham-usa.com   Providing woodworkers with "the finest saw blades available. 
 Olson Saw Co.   203-792-8622   www.olsonsaw.com   Manufactures band saw and scroll saw blades, handheld saw frames and blades. 
 Omer Direct Tools   604-876-9909   www.omertools.com   Manufactures handmade pneumatic nailers and staplers. 
 Oneida Air Systems   800-732-4065   www.oneida-air.com   American made dust collection solutions for small- to mid-sized shops. Dust collection is a key to a safe workshop environment. 
 Onsrud Cutter   800-234-1560   www.onsrud.com   High-speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide and diamond-coated router tooling. 
 Original Saw Co.   800-733-4063   www.originalsaw.com   Manufacturers of very large 14" and 16" industrial quality radial arm saws with 3, 5 or 7 HP motors. American-made saws that will stand the test of time. 
 Osborne Mfg. Co.   800-852-9655   www.osbornemfg.com   Manufacturer of the EB-2 aftermarket precision table saw miter gauge. 
 Osborne Wood Products, Inc.   800-849-8876   www.osbornewood.com   Hardwood custom wood parts. 
 Packard Woodworks, Inc.   800-683-8876   packardwoodworks.com   Specializing in woodturning tools and supplies. 
 Pahngren Steel Products, Inc.   800-621-6145   www.palmgren.com   Machine shop and general purpose products and featuring a new line of professional quality woodworking tools and accessories. 
 Paslode   800-222-6990   www.paslode.com   Nailers, staplers and trim tools. 
 Peerless Saw Co.   800-973-3753   www.peerlesssaw.com   State-of-the-art, laser-cut saw blade bodies custom-made to exact specifications. 
 Penn State Industries   800-377-7297   www.pennstateind.com   Your woodturning and dust collection source. 
 Petri Paint Co.   888-393-4758   petripaintcompany.com   Manufacturer of polyurethane varnish and paint products. 
 Phantom Engineering, Inc.   800-279-4570   www.legacywoodworking.com   Create reeds, flutes,tapers, spirals, turned beads, coves, mortises and much more with your router in just one workstation. 
 Polymeric Systems, Inc.   800-228-5548   polymericsystems.com   Sealants, caulks and epoxies. 
 Porter-Cable Corp.   800-487-8665   www.porter-cable.com   Industry's broadest portable power tools offering. 
 Powermatic   800-274-6848   www.powermatic.com   Full line of industrial quality woodworking machines, including the workshop classic, the Powermatic Model 66 table saw. 
 Precision Hobby Tools, Inc.   877-872-0924   www.precisionhobby.com   Elecktro-File, Wonder-Cut and other hobby tools. 
 Premier Wood Products, Inc.    800-277-7971   www.premierwood.com   Offers turned furniture parts, carvings, edge-glued panels, moldings and other supplies. 
 Pro-Tech   800-888-6603   www.protechpower.com   Quality tools at "value prices," including table saws, miter saws, band saws, drill presses and more. 
 Protective Coating Co.   610-432-3543   www.pcepoxy.com   Manufacturers of quality epoxy and wood restoration products. 
 PROX-Tech, Inc.   877-776-9966   www.proxxon.com/us   German-engineered PROXXON tools, lathes and milling systems. 
 Quality VAKuum Products   800-547-5484   www.qualityvak.com   Sells pneumatic and electric vacuum systems and accessories for veneering and clamping. 
 Quality Web Alliance   859-494-0790   www.laserkerf.com   Retrofit laser saw guides for miter and radial-arm saws. 
 R & D Bandsaws   905-840-0399   www.tufftooth.com   Offering saw blades, accessories and the FasTTrak system 
 R&R Clamp   920-863-2987   www.rrclamp.com   Stackable clamping system for gluing and clamping multiple panels at one time. 
 RBI Industries, Inc.   800-487-2623   www.rbiwoodtools.com   Scroll saws, the Universal Woodplaning system, a raised panel door machine, router table and jointer. 
 Red Hill Corp.   717-337-3038   www.supergrit.com   Abrasives and refinishing. 
 Ridge Carbide Tool Corp.   800-443-0992   ridgecarbidetool.com   Manufactures custom-made router bits, shaper cutters and molder knives for special jobs. 
 Rikon Power Tools   877-884-5167   www.rikontools.com   Maker of a complete line of woodshop machines, power tools and do-it-yourself products.  
 Rockler Woodworking & Hardware   800-279-4441   www.rockler.com   Blades, bits, tools, accessories, finishing supplies, lumber and specialized hardware. 
 Rousseau Co.   800-635-3416   www.rousseauco.com   Woodworking and contractor tool accessories; router and saw tables and dust hoods. Portable tool stands fold down. 
 Routerbits.com, Inc.   888-811-7269   www.routerbits.com   Sells Whiteside router bits, Fisch Forstner bits, SystiMatic saw blades and Bench Dog products. 
 Rust-Oleum Corp.   800-553-8444   www.rustoleum.com   Protective paints and coatings. 
 Ryobi America Corp.   800-525-2579   www.ryobitools.com   Portable power tools available at The Home Depot. 
 Safety Speed Cut Manufacturing Co., Inc.   800-772-2327   www.safetyspeedcut.com   PanelProp vertical panel saw allows one person to make safe cuts on full-sized sheet materials. 
 Safranek Enterprises, Inc.   800-553-9344   www.hersaf.com   Her-Saf Screw-on Tooling bits with replaceable cutters. 
 Sand-Rite Mfg. Co.   800-521-2318   www.sand-rite.com   The Sand-Rite Sander sands flat, round and contoured shaped parts at production-rate speeds. 
 Saw-Jaw   800-729-9366   www.saw-jaw.com   Device for holding, storing and installing circular saw blades. 
 SawStop, LLC   866-729-7867   www.sawstop.com   SawStop table saws detect the difference between wood and skin and stop the blade in milliseconds. 
 SawTrax Manufacturing Company, Inc.   888-729-8729   www.sawtrax.com   Makes low-cost, high quality panel saws and mat cutters guaranteed never to go out of square. 
 Screw Products, Inc.   877-844-8880   www.screwproducts.com   Hardened-steel wood screws. 
 Scroller, Ltd.   800-486-6053   www.scrollerltd.com   Scroll saw patterns and supplies. 
 Senco Products, Inc.   800-543-4596   www.senco.com   Pneumatic nail guns, staplers and fastening supplies. 
 Shade Tree Systems, LLC   800-894-3801   www.shadetreecanopies.com   Retractable awnings for buildings with a system that adapts to any coverage area. 
 Shop-Vat Corp.   570-326-3557   www.shopvac.com   Wet/dry vacs. 
 ShopBot Tools, Inc.   888-680-4466   www.shopbottools.com   Computer-controlled Personal Robotic Tools (PRT) and CNC routers for 2- and 3D cutting. 
 Shopsmith, Inc.   800-543-7586   www.shopsmith.com   Multi-purpose woodworking machines and other tools and accessories. 
 Silky Store, LLC   888-605-0001   www.silkystore.com   Offers foldable, Japanese-style hand saws for a variety of woodworking applications. 
 Simonds International   800-343-1616   www.iksinc.com   Manufactures SystiMatiC saw blades and a full line of band saw blades. 
 Simp'l Products   914-662-2820   www.woodjigs.com   Makers of easy-to-use, economical jigs for sawing and joint-making. 
 Skil Power Tools   877-754-5999   www.skil.com   Complete line of woodworking and home improvement tools. 
 Smithy Co.   800-476-4849   www.smithy.com   Fit 10 woodworking tools into the space of a riding mower. Save space, time and money with this woodworking system. 
 Sommerfeld's Tools for Wood   888-228-9268   www.sommerfeldtools.com   Supplier of Industrial Routing System, CMT woodworking tools and more. 
 Southeastern Industrial Resources   256-728-3070   www.ripsaw.com   Makes Ripsaw portable sawmills powered by a chainsaw engine that cut with a band saw blade. Make your own lumber from storm-damaged trees. 
 Southern Steel Buildings   770-535-6737   southernsteelbuildings.com   Designs and distributes workshop buildings that conform to MBMA and AISC standards. 
 Stanley Bostitch   800-556-6696   www.stanleybostitch.com   Fastening tools and fasteners. 
 Star 10, Inc.   800-726-4319   www.starten.com   Environmentally friendly paint stripping products. 
 Stiletto Tool   800-987-1849   www.stilettotools.com   The first name in titanium hammers for carpentry and woodworking. 
 Storage2 Systems   610-409-0985   www.storage2systems.com   Modular panel and bracket systems for organizing workshop tools. 
 Suffolk Machinery   800-234-7297   suffolkmachinery.com   Band saw blades made of low tension, high ductile Swedish silicon steel, in 1/8" to 2" widths. 
 Surcare Australia   011-61-8-8264-3458   www.surcare.com   Handheld, random-orbit surface finishing machines. 
 Swan Saw Service, Inc.   800-782-3829   www.swansaw.com   Sharpening service and distributor of carbide-tipped saw blades, router bits and shaper cutters. 
 Swing Paints, Ltd.   323-816-3041   www.swingpaints.com   Producer of conventional and environmentally safe paint and varnish removers for consumer DIY use. 
 System One   800-627-9783   www.ladderracks.com   Manufactures aluminum pick up truck racks and van racks in a variety of configurations. 
 System Three Resins, Inc.   800-333-5514   www.systemthree.com   Offers high quality adhesives, coatings and epoxy putties for woodworking and boatbuilding. 
 Tech Mark, Inc.   800-787-6747   www.rojekusa.com   Sells Rojek machinery including saws, combination machines, shapers, planer/jointers. High quality European power tools. 
 Tenryu America, Inc.   800-951-7297   www.tenryu.com   Offers a complete line of top-quality saw blades. 
 TimberKing Inc.   800-942-4406   www.timberking.com   Offers portable sawmills, edgers, kilns, planer/molders, plus blade and sharpening systems. Just right for home shops and for industry professionals. 
 Tool Crib of the North   800-635-5140   www.toolcribofthenorth.com   Power tools and accessories.  
 Toolbarn.com   866-597-3850   www.toolbarn.com   Tools, fasteners and accessories. 
 Toolmart Inc.   800-869-3395   www.toolmartinc.com   Woodworking and air tools. 
 Tormek, USA   800-586-7635   www.tormek.com   Swedish-made TORMEK is a unique water-cooled grinding, sharpening and honing system. 
 Trend Machinery & Cutting Tools, Ltd.   01923 224681   www.trendmachineryco.uk   Router accessories, cutting tools. 
 Triton Workshop Systems   888-874-8661   www.tritonwoodworking.com   Routers, breathing hoods, more. 
 Turbinaire   800-866-4857   www.turbinaire.com   HVLP spray equipment. 
 Tyler Tool Co.   800-222-8404   www.bark-king.com   A large stock of grinding wheels, knives, drills, files and saw blades. Sells the Bark King debarker. 
 U-Bild Woodworking Plans   800-828-2453   www.u-bild.com   Plans, projects and patterns for all skill levels. 
 U.S. Buildings   800-463-6062   www.us-buildings.com   GalvalumeTM steel arched buildings bolt together in a do-it-yourself, three-step process. 
 United Gilsonite Laboratories (UGL)   800-272-3235   www.ugl.com   Paint specialty products, including ZAR'' finishes and stains. 
 Universal Laser Systems, Inc.   800-859-7033   www.ulsinc.com/english/index.html   Computer-controlled 3D laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking systems. 
 Vac-U-Clamp   888-342-8262   www.vac-u-clamp.com   Vacuum-driven veneering. 
 Vacuum Pressing Systems, Inc.   800-382-4109   www.vacupress.com   Veneering and laminating solutions. 
 Valspar Corp.   800-845-9061   www.valspar.com   Paints, wood stains and other specialty coatings. 
 Vermont American   800-742-3869   vermontamerican.com   Manufactures bits, blades, and hand tools for woodworking. 
 VersaTool   800-466-6044   www.versatool.com   VersaTool WorkCenter provides an overhead tool mounting system and workpiece hold-down. 
 Viel Tools, Inc.   800-915-2601   www.vieltools.com   Make your own shaper and molder knives with a profile copying and grinding machine.  
 Village Originals   800-899-1314   www.villageseiko.com   Clock movements and supplies. 
 Vortex Tool Co., Inc.   800-355-7708   www.vortextool.com   Full line of standard tools for industrial routing and a complete sharpening service. 
 Wagner Spray Tech Corporation   763-519-3555   www.wagnerspraytech.com   Painting and decorating products and services. 
 Waterloo Industries, Inc.   800-833-8851   www.waterlooindustries.com   Tool Dock"" is a modular shop storage system using inter changeable tool-mount inserts. 
 Waterlox Coatings Corp.   800-321-0377   www.waterlox.com   Tung oil and resin finish. 
 West Penn Hardwoods   888-636-9663   westpennhardwoods.com   Figured and quartersawn stock. 
 West System Inc.   866-937-8797   www.westsystem.com   Two-part epoxy products for bonding or coating wood. 
 Wetzler Clamp Co.   800-451-1852   www.wetzler.com   Fine clamps for woodworking and metalworking. 
 Wildwood Designs, Inc.   800-470-9090   www.wildwooddesigns.com   Scroll saw patterns and supplies. 
 Wilke Machinery Co.   800-235-2100   www.wilkemachinery.com   Wilke Machinery carries a full line of stationary power tools under the Bridgewood, Yorkcraft and WMC woodworking brands. 
 Willard Brothers Lumber   800-320-6519   www.wiIlardbrothers.net   Exotic and domestic lumber. 
 Williams & Hussey Machine Co.   800-258-1380   wwwwilliamsnhussey.com   Manufactures the Williams & Hussey Molder for contractors, cabinetmakers or restoration specialists. 
 Wilton Tools   800-274-6848   www.wiltoncorp.com   Offers benchtop power tools, hand tools and metalworking tools. 
 Wolfcraft, Inc.   630-773-4777   www.wolfcraft.com   Wolfcraft provides power tool attachments and cutting tools. 
 Wood River Veneer   800-875-7084   wood riverveneer.com   Panels and veneered doors. 
 Wood-Mizer   800-553-0182   www.woodmizer.com   World's leading manufacturer of portable sawmills. Powerful, versatile and accurate. 
 Wood-Ply Lumber Corp.   800-354-9002   www.woodply.com   Hardwoods and plywoods. 
 Wooden Post   888-595-7126   woodenpost.com   A complete line of Ring Master turning tools, mini-lathes and other turning supplies. 
 Woodhaven   800-344-6657   www.woodhaven.com   Woodhaven manufactures and sells a full line of accessories and jigs for saws and routers. 
 Woodline USA   800-472-6950   www.woodbits.com   Makers of a comprehensive line of router bits. Web site has tool tips, project ideas and online ordering. 
 Woodmaster Tools, Inc.   800-821-6651   wood mastertools.com   A line of commercial-duty drum sanders and planer/molder/sander/saws. 
 Woodpeckers, Inc.   800-752-0725   www.woodpeck.com   Router table, lifts and accessories as well as INCRA woodworking products. 
 Woodrat Precision Joinery Machines   011 44 1458 832744   www.woodrat.com   Enables you to make dovetails, mortises, tenons, grooves and other joints without guide bushings or expensive add-ons. 
 Woodstock Intl., Inc.   800-840-8420   www.woodstockinternational.com   SHOP FOX line of machinery. 
 Woodstock Soapstone Co.   800-866-4344   www.woodstove.com   Offering a variety of soapstone gas and woodburning stoves. 
 Woodturners Inc.   877-603-9663   www.woodturners.on.ca   Furniture kits, Kreg Jigs, more. 
 Woodworker's Choice   800-892-4866   www.oldham-usa.com/LinkTWC.htm   A web store and mail order catalog sales center for tools and accessories. 
 Woodworker's Depot, Inc.   800-891-9003   www.woodworkersdepot.com   Catalog stores for purchasing tools or obtaining tool repairs. 
 Woodworker's Source, Inc.   800-423-2450   www.woodworkerssource.net   Exotic and domestic lumber. 
 Woodworkers Shop      www.woodworkersshop.com   Quality hardwood products, woodworking tools and accessories. 
 WoodWrite, Ltd.   717-646-0102   www.woodwriteltd.com   Mini-lathes and pen turning supplies. 
 Zinsser   732-469-8100   www.zinsser.com   Sealers, stains and primers: